Whiting Bay Golf Club Burns Night 2018

Whiting Bay Golf Club Burns Night 2018
Captain Wolfi would like to thank all members and friends for coming along to this event, what a great night.
Special thanks to my wife Gege, Margaret MacBain and Stephen Pyott for herculean efforts in the kitchen, Doreen Mainds for potato peeling, Stan Rainer and Hugh Walker for tables and decorations,Elaine Kelso for dishwashing, John and Louise Simmons for the bar and for John’s boundless good humour whilst fetching and carrying, our 3 excellent waitresses, Liz Rankin for glasses, John Dick for the tablecloths and my family for helping with the clear up at the end of the evening.
 Thanks Robbie Glen for chairing the proceedings, with your usual charm and great wit, aye a friend of WB golf club , we count ourselves lucky. To John Rankin for addressing the ladies and to Christine Macleod for her reply, Iain Martin for putting into verse an excellent and humorous description of the course and to Nastasja Alberti for her beautiful singing. Last but by no means least, To Cameron Hill, many thanks for the magnificent renderings of Tae a Haggis, and Tam O’Shanter, in turns frantic, exciting , energetic and hilariously funny. A true artist!
Andrew Martin for the thanks and to Jenni and her team on the raffle and for the name tabs.
For donations, Colin Nisbet, Haggis. Lindsay Keir, oatcakes. Arran Cheese, Kilmory. Lily Rainer, grapes. Doreen Mainds , tablet.
 Let’s do it again sometime!
 A few pictures below. Loads more on the club's Facebook page.
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IMG 3690