The Tam Young Tankard

The Tam Young Tankard

This winter (2018-2019) we are introducing a trophy, the Tam Young Tankard, to be played for over the course of the winter months. The Tankard commemorates Tam who was an enthusastic member, supporter and vice captain of the club until his passing in December 2017. It was Tam who instigated the winter sweeps (and came up with the handicap rules which have remained virtually unchanged since). He enjoyed his golf, good company and the occasional beer so it was thought that a tankard would be an appropriated trophy by which to remember him. The Tankard will be played for on Wednesdays only and is, as was ever the case with the winter sweeps, open to gentleman and lady members. The winner will be the golfer who scores the best 6 round net aggregate score over the season and the rules remain unchanged since last year’s sweeps. Entry will be a modest £2 per round and all cash raised will be paid out as sweep money, on the day for each Wednesday round. All this is pretty much as before.

There will still be an informal Friday Srixon ball sweep open to all who wish to play. Winter handicaps will apply but Friday scores will not count for the Tankard.

Full rules etc wil be posted separately on the club’s website and Facebook pages and copies will also be posted on the clubhouse notice board.

TY Tankard Rules